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Danny Aiello and Hoboken Film Festival

I am beyond thrilled to announce that Nothing to Say will see its debut festival screening at Hoboken Film Festival on May 22 at 8pm!!!… The best part of this story is that Hoboken is EXACTLY where Billie Mintz and I recorded Danny Aiello back in 2001. I have heard that Danny may make an appearance too so it will be a happy reunion!

We sent the final film to Danny for his thoughts and was floored by his response. He said it gave him the emotional feelings of losing friends/loved ones on Sep 11, 2001. While the film does not directly reference this horrific event, I did storyboard ACT 2 just a few days after the towers fell. It would have been impossible not to transfer my feelings into the artwork and in fact I was heavily influenced by horrible news footage of people running away from the clouds of debris. You can directly see this reference in the film. This film is a message of tolerance and educating to instill empathy abou…

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